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A Virtual Assistants 12 Days of Christmas & How to Make a GIF

I was chatting recently to someone about my business, the response was still "but what do you actually do". As it's Christmas what could be better than some Christmassy themed marketing to explain the various tasks that Clairical can support a business with. I've also explained the wonders of GIFs and how to make them.

I decided to create various graphics using Canva with the aim of combining these to create a GIF. I initially posted each one of the graphics separately on various social media channels everyday over 12 days. As we know video works really well on Facebook and to give the campaign a little more longevity I wanted to combine the graphics to make a GIF and video. GIFs are a great way to explain a product or service and as GIFs suppress image quality they are smaller than video. You can also make GIFs from photos that you have taken so they are great for businesses that would like to showcase products. But beware, they don't have music and you can't pause them.

There are lots of apps and software online that will create your GIFs for free such as Giphy and gifmaker.com. I use gifmaker as when you upload a number of graphics to Giphy it seems to reduce the amount of time you can slow the slides down for, the more slides you add the less time you have for each slide. Giphy does have lots of animations that you can add to your project so it's worth having a look at. You simply upload your graphics/photos, reorder, adjust the time and tick if you want the GIF to loop. Download and you're done.

I know what your thinking, I can't upload GIFs to Instagram. Well you can get round this in two ways; Giphy has an app that you upload to Instagram from or you can easily turn your GIF into a video (mp4). If you want to use the app you will need to either create the GIf in Giphy or add the GIF to Giphy. To turn your GIF into a video you can use any number of online programs. I used Online Converter which is a really simple program to use. Go to the video converters section and choose MP4 as the target file format. Then simply upload the GIF and wait while it converts it. This can be uploaded to Instagram in the usual way you would upload photos.

You can also create short videos in Facebook slideshow but you can only use a max of 10 slides. For further info on how to create a Facebook slideshow video please see my blog post.

And here's the finished GIF which I have embedded from Twitter (that's also really easy to do). Open the tweet, click on the arrow (top right hand corner) click embed tweet and copy code. How you paste the code will depend on the system you are using. The great thing about embedding tweet is that people will be able to interact with it directly from your website.

GIFs are a really easy and simple way to show off products, how-to's and other aspects of your business. You don't need a fancy phone, editing software or complicated equipment, just a camera, a laptop and some time. So why not make GIFs a goal for 2018.


If you would like help designing graphics why not get in touch and if you would like to see samples of my work then please click here.

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