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10 FREE Ways To Market Your Business This Christmas

I know, I know I'm mentioning the Christmas word already but if you run a small business you should be planning your Christmas marketing NOW!! It's a great marketing opportunity no matter how small or large your business is and even if you run a service-based business like me you can still get involved.

Think you don't have the time or budget? Well, think again! Here are 10 Free ways to market your products and services that could give your business that extra sparkle this Christmas.

If you have the time it's a great idea to spend 15 minutes thinking about what it is you want to achieve with your Christmas marketing. Having an idea of what the objective is to start with makes it easier to plan your marketing and create content. Here are some ideas, I would suggest just picking one or two depending on your capacity and budget:

  • Brand awareness

  • New customer acquisition

  • Increase in sales from new clients

  • Increase in sales from repeat business

  • Increase in sales volume (per customer)

1. Get Some Festive Spirit

If you maintain your own website then this is easy to do. Add a little Christmas cheer to your website, snowflakes, Christmas trees etc. Don’t overdo it, subtlety is best. Create social media banners to reflect the Christmas period. These can be done easily in Canva and Picmonkey and you can use these next year so it’s worth spending the time creating them.

The Clairical 2018 Christmas card

2. Personalised Cards

I know it's not very sustainable but I love to send and receive cards. Mine are all handwritten and designed by me and are a great way to make your business stand out and remind people you appreciate their support over the past year. There are now no end of companies that offer design and printing services including Vista Print, HelloPrint, and Snapfish. They all offer great deals on cards and you can either upload your own design or use a template.

3. Email campaign

If you have an email list then Christmas is a great opportunity for you. There are so many options with email marketing so think back to your objectives and what you want to achieve.

You could create a Christmas themed email campaign highlighting key products and promotions. Maybe “12 deals of Christmas”. Don’t make your emails just about promoting your products, why not add other Christmas-related content such as unusual customs, recipes, interesting Christmas articles etc. Every family has a Christmas quirk – share yours or others you have heard of.

The holidays are a great time to leverage the power of your email list. Create an exclusive “Loyal Customer” deal which is time-sensitive. And this is also a good opportunity to update your customers with your Christmas opening hours over the festive period and thanking them for their business.

4. Social Media

The big one! There is so much you can do in terms of social media promotion this time of year, but try and remember to not bombard people with your promotions, otherwise, they will simply unlike your page. Share Christmas themed content which is relevant to your audience such as time-saving guides, DIY gift ideas, recipes, gift guides etc. Create videos of your products; GIFS are easy to do and here’s a great how-to guide.

Publish behind the scenes pictures of your Christmas office or Christmas jumpers, create social media graphics showcasing your products, all with a Christmas theme. If you’re on Pinterest why not create a Christmas inspiration board that includes your products. I’ve also noticed this year an increasing number of Facebook group pages promoting online gift guides and posts – if you’re quick, you can add your own products.

5. User-Generated Content - Starbucks

Whether you like or loathe them there's no doubt Starbucks pack a punch at Christmas with their marketing. Their cute Christmas themed cups are oozing with Christmas spirit and it's something that everyone can be part of. They also, of course, provide the obligatory Christmas beverage that might even get the tea-drinking obsessives such as myself to sample an alternative. Well, it is Christmas after all.

But the most impressive thing about their Christmas marketing is the buzz created with their user-generated content on Instagram. This is where people take photos of themselves with a Starbucks product and share on Instagram tagging Starbucks in. Starbucks can then choose to "regram" the photo. This means they get lots of free content. Is this something you could do, could you incentivise your purchases to post?

6. Join forces

Find another local business that compliments yours. Why not create a combined deal? Double the social media promotion and increased visibility. 7. Gift cards

Create an attractive gift card that people would be happy to give and receive.

8. Blogging

Write a Christmas themed blog. Ideas include Christmas hair trends, top festive party looks, local days out, seasonal recipes, top 10 toys, favourite festive cocktails, Christmas markets, top 10 Christmas films...

9. Don't forget the Hashtag and Catchy Titles

Use key holiday-themed hashtags and keywords. Who doesn't love a catchy title? Christmas Presents - No ideer? Or how about No Time Like The Presents? I'll leave it there.

10. Small Business Saturday

This event runs on a specific day each year and this year it's the 7th of December. There's loads of info on their website including a marketing pack and a nationwide bus tour so check it out. Many high streets now incorporate Small Business Saturday into their marketing with lots of independent shops participating by offering deals and discounts. If it's too late to take part this year why not add it to your list for marketing activities next year.

Christmas is a great time to be a bit more adventurous with your marketing and have a bit of fun. And don’t think you need to do all of the above, maybe pick a couple of the ideas to focus on, analyse what has worked or hasn't and use this information to inform marketing decisions for next year, so you can bigger, better and bolder in your 2020 Christmas marketing.

Now, where did I stash the mince pies...

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