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Resources & Useful Links

I'm often asked what tools, apps, websites and articles I recommend and having been a Virtual Assistant for the past five years I have used many apps and programs. Technology makes our business lives so much easier, allowing us to work where we want, when we want and be more productive. It is therefore essential that we embrace it - if you already haven’t done so...

The apps below are all tools that I have used or still do use and recommend. There aren't any affiliate links so I don't make any commission from you signing up - it's purely based on my experience and preference. The list is regularly updated so make sure you revisit. 

So many apps so little time...

Useful Websites

GOV.UK - lots of info on registering your business and the difference between sole traders etc.  

The LEP Network - there will be a LEP network somewhere near you, just click on the map location. They provide all sorts of events and support for businesses locally including start ups and Social Enterprises. 

The Business & IP Centre - provides entrepreneurs and SMEs across the UK with free access to databases, market research, journals, directories and reports worth thousands of pounds. There is a programme of free and low-cost events and workshops on a range of topics including business planning, marketing and intellectual property.

Trademarks - lots of info here on what and how to trademark

Cyber Security - A small business guide to cyber security aimed at sole traders and small to medium sized firms. 

GDPR - an assessment for small businesses and sole traders to see how well you comply with the law. 

Enterprise Nation - This is a great website packed full of advice and support for small businesses.

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