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Power Hour

A Power Hour is a practical, focused and tailored session via Zoom where you can pick my brains on a particular topic or we can talk through a specific problem you are facing and come up with a solution. 

A Power Hour is basically a really quick blast of my expertise to help you go from stuck to unstuck.

Why Use a Power Hour?

Power Hours are used when clients don’t want to use my services on a regular basis and just need a bit of one-off support. You might be struggling with solving a problem or using some tech and need the support to move forward.  Maybe you’re not sure how to get started with outsourcing and you need advice on hiring a VA? 


You can use your Power Hour how you wish but I have provided some suggestions below. 

Solve a specific problem 

 A 60-minute focused call is the perfect opportunity to help you with a specific problem. Perhaps you would like some advice on email marketing but you're not sure where to start.

App Walkthroughs

Do you need training on a specific App or pogramme? I can help you with a guided walkthrough on Canva, Mailerlite, Wix, Outlook, GSuite, Google Forms and Trello. 


There’s such a myriad of apps available that it can become overwhelming. Perhaps you would like advice on how to organise your online filing system, time blocking, or a session on organising your content marketing?

What's Included

  • A short questionnaire to complete before the call to ensure the call is focused and tailored to your requirements. This ensures we make the most out of our time together. 

  • A practical, one-hour session packed full of tailored advice 

  • A recording of the Zoom call

  • A post-call email with links, recourses and key points discussed during the call

How to Book

Step 1: Get in touch to initially discuss your Power Hour and availability

Step 2: Once we have secured your session I will email you an invoice

Step 3: You will receive my online form which asks a few more details about the session to ensure we make the most out of the time. 

A practical, focused, one -hour session packed full of tailored advice costing £75.00

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