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New beginnings and turning 40

I turned 40 this year. I don’t look 40 and I don’t really feel 40 so I didn’t give it much thought until I actually did turn 40.

It’s not really that old anymore though is it? And it’s not as if I have to start wearing comfy shoes, choosing carpet over floorboards and buying stuff I don't need online. But it has dawned on me that fashion has become complicated, my holiday accommodation can’t be anything less than my own home and I quite like staying in sometimes.

The thought of turning 40 was one of the catalysts for starting my business – Clairical, a virtual administration and business support service. Towards the end of 2015 the demands of my two boys and the childcare pressures that come with parenting and working, were the impetus for starting my own business.

I’d hoped that by utilising my skill set and drawing on my 15 years of work it would be possible to achieve a better work life balance. But it is a difficult decision to leave a good job, great working environment and colleagues that you know you are going to miss. But sometimes things just have to change and they did in April of this year when Clairical was started.

In between working, school holidays and cricket matches I have been slowly creating a brand, designing and building my own website and reading. Lots of reading. in fact there is a wealth of information out there for start-ups and at times I have been swamped by it all. And that’s the point of this blog to provide you with relevant information, facts, news and business hacks that will be informative, timely and interesting. What it’s not going to be about is me, politics or cricket.

Claire - Clairical

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