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5 Reasons You Need to Hire a Virtual Assistant

Don’t worry this isn’t one of those ‘set new goals’ or ‘how are you going to smash 2022’ blog posts that you often get at the start of the new year. This blog post is aimed at the overwhelmed small business owner, working too many hours and laughing at the concept of a work-life balance.

If this sounds familiar, then keep reading as I take you through the 5 reasons why it might time to hire a VA.

1. You spend more time on administrative tasks than the business itself

Most people when they start a business do everything, as it saves time and money, and indeed for many this approach works. For a while, at least. But as your business gets busier, it's inevitable that you will spend more time on routine tasks like emails, accounting, admin etc. This means you become less productive, resulting in less of your precious time being dedicated to working on high-value tasks, and which ultimately is detrimental for business growth.

And we must factor in those missed opportunities because you had your head buried in the emails rather than business development, as well as the inefficiencies that start to creep in as your once adequate systems and procedures start to creak under the strain.

Ask yourself: could my time be better spent...?

2. You can’t take time off

You know it’s bad when you can’t take a few days off, because there’s simply too much to do in the run-up to actually taking the time off and the thought of all the work pilling up while you’re away fills you with dread. This isn’t good. While a VA can’t run your business for you permanently, we can certainly stand in for you while you take some time off.

3. Your digital filing system is a mess

This is common. By the time I get my hands on a digital filing system it’s usually in a bit of pickle, or there isn’t one at all, with duplicate documents scattered throughout and no processes in place.

4. Missing deadlines

If you find yourself missing tender deadlines, clients calls and rearranging meetings and replying to emails late at night – STOP! This type of working won’t stop just because it’s 2022. It will only change if you make it change.

5. Stagnant Business Growth

Tumbleweed in the road to signify slow business growth

Some businesses are happy with the stage their business is at, like me, and have no grand plans to take over the world. However, if you do have grand plans and they aren’t happening it might be because you’re not spending the time on businesses development. Outsourcing work to a VA gives you the time to look at goals and KPIs, and plan the direction you wish your business to take.

Running your own business is tough and when you throw in school runs, dog walking and just general life then it becomes even more complicated. And for many business owners what started as a business to create a better work-life balance is now just all work!

Ultimately, all businesses will have their own reasons for wanting to outsource various types of tasks (and not just admin), but the key to it working successfully is to be clear on what activities you wish to outsource and, of course, choosing the right person to work with. And if you have never worked with a VA before, then tell them. You can start slowly with a couple of tasks and once you build trust and get used to how it works you can then consider handing over more work.

And when you start outsourcing you get access to a pool of talent that is more experienced at specific tasks than you. You also get fresh perspectives, access to new technology and ways of working that you hadn’t been aware of before.


If you're interested in hiring a Virtual Assistant but not sure where to start, I have written a blog post - "How to Hire an Awesome Virtual Assistant" and if you prefer to actually talk to someone, I also offer a 30-minute discovery call, which you can book via Calendly.

If you're struggling to work out what to outsource, then why not download my "Identifying Tasks to Outsource" list. The list uses Chris Ducker's 3 Lists to Freedom, an exercise specifically created for this process.


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